Nazu Akhand’s musical genius has been celebrated through numerous accolades, underscoring her contributions to the realm of music and culture. Each award and recognition she has received stands as a testament to her exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and the profound impact she has made on audiences and peers alike.

Notable Awards and Honors

  • City Cell Channel I Music Award (2010) – Popular Choice
    Demonstrating her mass appeal, Nazu was honored with the ‘Citycell-Channel i Music Award’ for Popular Choice in 2010. This accolade was a public affirmation of her popularity and the deep connection she had forged with her audience through her music.
  • International Women’s Day Recognition Award (2020) – Best Singer
    In recognition of her artistic excellence and her role as an inspiring figure for women in music, Nazu was awarded the International Women’s Day Recognition Award as the Best Singer in 2020. This award spotlighted her as a leading voice in the industry and a role model for aspiring female artists.
  • Palli Kobi Jashim Uddin Award – Best Singer
    The Palli Kobi Jashim Uddin Award further embellished Nazu’s reputation as an outstanding singer. It celebrated her ability to express the poetic beauty of lyrics through her melodious voice and emotive singing.
  • Appreciation Crests from Global Cultural Organizations
    Nazu’s artistic footprint crossed national boundaries, earning her appreciation crests from diverse cultural organizations around the world. From Dubai to Los Angeles, and Paris to Australia, these crests represented a global salute to her musical prowess.


  • Member, Bangladesh Television
    Bangladesh Television commonly known by its acronym BTV is the state-owned television network of Bangladesh. The network was originally established as the East Pakistan branch of PTV in 1964. It is the oldest Bengali-language television network in the world, and is the sister to the radio broadcaster Bangladesh Betar, which, along with BTV, are both owned and operated by the government.
  • Member, Bangladesh Betar
    Bangladesh Betar (“Bangladesh Radio”), or BB is the state-owned radio broadcaster of Bangladesh, initially established as the Dhaka station of All India Radio in 1939. It was later made part of Radio Pakistan. After the independence of the country in 1971, Radio Pakistan ceased transmissions there and the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra was renamed to Bangladesh Betar, which took full control of all radio stations in the country at the time. Bangladesh Betar is a sister service to Bangladesh Television, which is also state-owned.
  • Member, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
    It is the national academy of fine and performing arts. The academy was established through an act of Parliament in 1974 as a statutory organization under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. But subsequently the Act of 1974 of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy was amended through a new act of Parliament in 1989. The academy is headed by a Director General.