Nazu Akhand’s destiny in music was clearly defined, and as time progressed, she steadily approached her inevitable fate – transforming into a voice that would resonate deeply with millions. Her evolution into playback singing unfolded effortlessly, as though each moment from her early beginnings was a deliberate journey leading to that defining instance when she would enter a recording studio for a film, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Her path was set, and with each passing year, she inched closer to the inevitable – becoming a voice that would echo in the hearts of millions. Her transition into playback singing was seamless, almost as if every step she took from her early days was leading her to that very moment when she would first step into a recording studio for a film.

Playback Singing

Nazu Akhand’s remarkable journey as a playback singer began with her debut in “Mayer Somman” (2001), marking the onset of a prolific career that has seen her lend her voice to over 223 songs in the Bangladeshi film industry. Some notable songs from her career include:


  • Song: Amar Manob Jomin
    Singer: Monir Khan & Nazu
    Movie: Somajke Bodle Daw
    Music: Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul
    Director: Kazi Hayat
    Producer: S. K. Huda Kochi
    Label: Anupam
  • Song: Amar Matir Gora Deho
    Singer: Monir Khan & Nazu
    Lyrics & Music: Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul
    Movie: Bhalobasar Shotru
    Director: Aziz Ahmed Babul
    Producer: Monowar Hossain Dipjol
  • Song: Tumi Amar Emon Aponjon
    Singer: Shahin Khan & Nazu
    Lyrics & Music: Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul
    Movie: Bhalobasar Shotru
    Director: Aziz Ahmed Babul
    Producer: Monowar Hossain Dipjol
  • Song: Tomake Ami Bhalobashi
    Singer: Andrew Kishore & Nazu
    Lyrics & Music: Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul
    Movie: Tumi Boro Bhaggoboti Director: Abul Kalam Azad
    Producer: M. A. Bached
    Production: A. B. Films
  • Song: O Chena Poth
    Singer: Andrew Kishore & Nazu
    Lyricist: Moniruzzaman Monir
    Music: Alam Khan
    Movie: Antore Jhor
    Director: Shilpi Chakrabarti
    Producer: Md. Nurul Islam Parvez
  • Song: Amar Doshta Noy
    Singer: Nazu
    Lyricist & Composer: Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul
    Movie: Khoto Bikkhoto
    Director: Monowar Khokon
    Produce & Production: Akash Chalachitra

She lent her voice to several films, including “Somajke bodle dao,” “Kshat bikshat,” “Antore jhod,” “Bhalobasar shatru,” “Porena chokher polok,” “Satyo mithyar lorai,” “Khas jomin,” “Tumi boro bhagyoboti,” “Direct action,” “Kokhono bhule jeo na,” and “Odrishyo shatru.” and many more films. Her contributions span various genres and directors, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Her voice has graced the soundtracks of numerous films, playing a pivotal role in their success.

Solo and Album

Nazu has released four solo albums that have been met with critical acclaim and commercial success:

  • Dilli To Dhaka
    Lyric: Shahan Kabandh
    Tune: Meer Masum
    Composer: Dj Rahat
  • Ekaki Shopno
    Lyric: Kabir Bakul
    Tune & Music: Shouquat Ali Imon
  • Urey Jete Chai
    Lyric: Robiul Islam Jibon
    Tune & music: Sajid Sarka
  • Mon Kharaper Shomoy
    Lyric & Tune: Rajib Hossain
  • Gutibazi
    Lyric & Tune: Noman Sajib
  • Tomar Ovimane
    Lyric & Tune – Sudarshan Monti, Music – Rajib Islam

Each album showcases her evolution as an artist and her ability to adapt to different musical styles and trends.

Mixed Albums

Apart from her solo ventures, Nazu has been part of several mixed albums that highlight her collaborative spirit. Albums like “Trivuj,” “Shomoy,” and “Moner Kotha” have enjoyed popularity, further cementing her status in the industry.

Nazu has also made significant strides in the world of music videos and singles, with tracks like “Dilli To Dhaka” and “Ekaki Shopno” earning wide viewership. Her recent single “Urey Jete Chai” is highly anticipated by her audience.