NTV to remember three late legends in Eid

by shahadat

Satellite channel NTV has arranged three separate programmes to honour the contributions of three recently demised musical icons. The programmes will be aired from the fifth day to the seventh day of Eid. The three musical artistes to be remembered are-Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul, Shahnaz Rahmatullah and Subir Nandi. The three programmes will follow the sequence in which the artistes left the mortal world.
In that respect, ‘Tribute: Smrity-te Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul’ will be the first to be televised. It would go on air on the fifth day of Eid at 5.15pm. Bithi has hosted the show, with Apu Aman and Hoimonti Rokhhit present as discussants. Jonayed Bin Zia is the programme producer of the show….read more

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